Space Shuttle Booster Motor

High Energy X-rays and High Speed Real Time Radiography were used to monitor the erosion of the I.D. nozzle material.

Jet Motor

High Energy X –rays were used to validate clearances between moving and non moving parts while the engine was in operation. Hi Speed Real Time Radiography was also utilized.

Nuclear Plant Inspection

The team is ready to operate a 6mev unit inside Containment.

Valve at nuclear plant

High Energy X-rays were used to verify erosion and corrosion in large diameter valves.

Oil refinery

High Energy X-ray service on thick wall piping at an oil refinery without taking the piping system out of service.

Bridge Inspection

High Energy X-rays were used to verify corrosion of the tension cables. Shot with 6MEV from outside of the box girder.

In House

Our in house 6 mev unit.