CT Example

Complete Linear Accelerator produced and integrated to an existing Computed Tomography (CT) machine in Dubendorf, Switzerland. Designed to operate continuously and with capabilities of external single pulse control.


The Modulator supplies the RF and Accelerator with their required power. All of the components of our machines are equally at home in the lab or in the field.

Touch Screen Control Unit

Our standard touch screen control software provides full access to all machine functions, both automatically and manually depending on user requirements. A “manual only” control is also offered.

Manual Boom System

Ultra simple manipulators designed for portability and quick shots are available and easily configurable to user’s requirements.

Specialized Tooling

This custom “Ferris Wheel” is an example of how specific customer requirements can be accommodated. This tooling was designed to support an accelerator and be rotated about the centerline of a solid rocket booster in order to obtain structural images.

Custom In House Manipulators

Fixed installations for NDT houses can be designed and produced to suit the client’s requirements.

Educational and Research Systems

This model is a dual axis digital radiographic system developed to research musculoskeletal structures in real time. It also included Imagers and software capable of capturing 60 frames per second.

Mobile Radiographic Systems

This tracked vehicle, designed for the DoD, transports a Linear Accelerator, able to travel over uneven terrain and is semi-remotely operated.