About us

U. S. Photon Services Incorporated established operations in January of 2013; as a “medium to high” energy radiographic NDT company that provides x-ray services both “in-house” and out in the field. Our capabilities range from 150 Kev to 9 Mev. Translated, that means we can obtain x-ray images from relatively thin objects, a calculator for example, revealing the internal circuit board and other components, to concrete sections more than 4 feet in thickness.

In addition to radiography, our specialty is designing custom industrial linear accelerators for those who wish to have their own high energy capability. We are proud to announce that we are completing design of our latest Linac that can be configured many different ways to suit the customer’s needs. More information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

CEO John Powis has 35 years of high energy industrial x-ray experience while U. S. Photon itself is a relatively new company. Our promise is to provide value, reliability and on-time service to every customer on an individual basis.

Please visit the other areas of this site for more information about our equipment and service capabilities.